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National Teen Driver Safety Week
October 16-22, 2016

Ride Like A Friend. Drive Like You Care (RLAF) is a school-based campaign that encourages safe teen passenger and driver behavior. Student leaders and club members work with teachers and school administrators to plan and conduct a set of in-school RLAF activities that span 3-5 school days. These activities encourage safe in-car behaviors like buckling up and respecting the driver. While RLAF can be conducted throughout the school year, an ideal time is during National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), which is held annually the third week of October.

All the details on how to conduct the campaign (including downloadable tools) are available online – and they are free! Each RLAF program is meant to be organized, designed, and carried out by teens with the help of a dedicated school staff member as their RLAF advisor. Whether a teacher, coach, or guidance counselor, the advisor works side-by-side with teen leaders to create and implement a successful RLAF campaign.

“Ride Like A Friend” is more than just a phrase! It is a pre-designed campaign created specifically for teens with lots of input from teens. Students, school advisors, and school administrators are not responsible for creating materials or activities for RLAF because the work has already been done by teen driver safety experts who consulted with teens at every step. Student leaders are tasked with choosing safe driving messages for drivers and passengers and sharing them through the pre-prepared activities and materials provided on this website. Because RLAF is completely customizable for each school and community, teens can make the campaign their own.

Below are the minimum components of an RLAF campaign, based on program evaluation in pilot schools. Teens are free to add additional materials or activities from this website as they see fit. At it’s most basic, an RLAF campaign includes:

  • A peer-to-peer poll about driver and passenger behavior
  • At least one poll follow-up activity, such as an announcement over the intercom or posters describing the results
  • At least one other pre-prepared RLAF activity from the list of suggestions, such as awareness building at a school sporting event
  • Distribution of at least one pre-prepared RLAF creative material, such as posters or postcards

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